What You Should Know About Red Cabbage Vs Green Cabbage

red cabbage vs. green cabbageWhy Take Cabbages

In whatever form or type it is, cabbages are one of the best items you shouldn’t leave out of your diet. They are high in fiber and nutrients, and they are low when it comes to calories.  If you eat a cup of cabbages, it will give you 4 percent of the recommended eight vitamins and minerals that you need to take on a daily basis with the only difference being of vitamins An in each of them.

Vitamin A in Red Cabbage Vs Green Cabbage

The red cabbage vs green cabbage as far as vitamin A is concerned will shock you. When you eat red cabbage, you will get ten times more vitamin A than you will get in green cabbage.  Both the red and green cabbage will provide you with Zeaxanthin, Beta-carotene, and Lutein. When you consume beta-carotene, it can be converted into vitamin A which will be necessary for keeping your immune system and skin health as well as taking care of your vision. The Zeaxanthin and Lutein are important only for improving the functions of the eyes and can also help in the early stages of muscular degeneration to prevent it from progressing to the next stage. If you chop one cup of green cabbage, it will have 3 percent of vitamin A while the same amount of red cabbage will give you 33 percent of vitamin A that is recommended on a daily basis.

Vitamin C in Red Cabbage Vs Green Cabbage

When you consume vitamin C, it makes it possible for the free radicals to be neutralized as long as you consume the recommended daily amount. If you are an adult woman, you will need to consume 75 milligrams while if you are a man, you will need to consume 90 milligrams. If you are a smoker, you will have to add 35 milligrams while pregnant women will need to get 85 milligrams on a daily basis. The collagen will help in strengthening your skin and at the same time help in healing wounds. A cup of green cabbage will give you 37 milligrams of vitamin C while the red cabbage will give you 51 milligram.

Vitamin K in Red Cabbage Vs Green Cabbage

A cup of green cabbage will give you 57 percent of the daily intake of vitamin K while the same cup from the red cabbage will give you 28 percent. You need vitamin K in your body to allow blood to clot or coagulate. When it comes to bone mineralization to enable the bones to have the right density, you need to take a lot of vitamin K.  If you are a woman and you have a low intake of vitamin K, you will end up having lower bone density and thus increase your risk of having a  hip fracture.

Iron in Red Cabbage Vs Green cabbage

Apart from making sure that oxygen is circulated well in your body, iron acts as a protein referred to as Myoglobin, which stores in the skeletal and oxygen to your heart. It ensures that the oxygen is sufficient to meet your muscle needs, especially when you are exercising. For the other enzymes and proteins to work, they are dependent on the irons in the body to produce energy and synthesize the DNA. For immune to be able to develop cells and fight against viruses, you will need iron. In one cup of red cabbage, you will be able to receive 0.7 milligrams of iron while the green cabbage of the same amount will provide you with 0.4 milligrams of iron. Men only require a daily intake of 8 milligrams of iron while women require a daily intake of 18 milligrams daily.


It is important that is only found in the red cabbage that is not found in the green cabbage. They are the ones who give the red cabbage, the purple color. They have the health-boosting benefits which include cancer-fighting and improving the memory. If you are struggling with weight loss, the anthocyanins will help your body to release hormones, which will suppress your appetite and metabolize fat.


All of us require iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin D in our diet due to the health benefits we get from them. Depending on your condition and gender, you will be able to choose the right one for your dietary requirements. Whatever you choose, it should be one that will boost your body and make you a whole person again.  Now that you have read about the similarities and differences between the red cabbage and the green cabbage share with others in your network.

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