CBD Products and Uses

CBD is often extracted from the cannabis sativa plant in oil form and mixed with an inert carrier oil like hemp seed oil for consumption. In most cases CBD is highly concentrated in the cannabis extract and is approximately 90-95% CBD.

CBD will help ease the suffering of multiple sclerosis and cancer patients. According to the American Epilepsy Society, 5% of those with MS use cannabis to manage their symptoms. This would put the national rate of patients using cannabis at between 10-30% of the patients.

Which states have legalized CBD in medicinal uses?

There are currently 19 states plus the District of Columbia that allow CBD to be prescribed or used in cannabis oils for medicinal purposes.

Four states, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, have a law that allows the distribution of CBD for therapeutic purposes with a recommendation from a healthcare provider.

Which cannabinoids are considered CBD?

Unlike THC (which is THC-A), CBD is derived from various Cannabis plant species including Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and various types of Cannabis hemp, most often found in Africa.

Each cannabinoid in the cannabis plant has unique pharmacological properties and effects. Amino acids are the building blocks of the human body, and cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that bind to their receptors, which are specialized proteins located in the brain and other organs. Cannabis has over 100 phytocannabinoids. These phytocannabinoids are responsible for the therapeutic effects of the plant.

Are there specific strains of CBD?

CBD has been developed by many growers and researchers from all over the world. Different strains can be grown for different purposes.

For instance, CBD Girlfriends are produced from high quality, super-healthy plants to produce only the finest THC rich CBD products. CBD Tenderloins are harvested from the most powerful buds available to produce the highest potency of CBD concentrate. CBD Thai Kush is a hybrid strain that is mostly devoid of THC, but still produces high-quality, potent CBD. CBD Jamaican Red is a good CBD high yielding Sativa grown primarily for medical use, and there are also options you can get online such as Synchronicity Hemp Oil that help with different health conditions.

Not all CBD products contain the exact same type of CBD, and different strains have different rates of psychoactive effects and THC content. This variation can make it hard to compare rates of psychoactive effects in different CBD products. For this reason, testing for psychoactive effects on a drug test is not considered reliable in terms of comparing rates of psychoactive effects, when taking various CBD products at the same time.

Is CBD a better option than THC for patients suffering from intractable pain?

CBD should never be used alone as a substitute for high-THC/low-CBD strains.

Since THC is psychoactive, it has a greater psychological effect, while CBD does not. The combination of CBD with the psychoactive effects of THC will have the same effects as THC in and of itself, and produce an overall positive psychological effect. It should be noted, however, that it is best to start with low dose CBD and then increase the dose by increments of 15-25% every day to evaluate the effect.

If you want to keep your tolerance to use CBD, then you should try a higher dose of THC to initiate the effects, and then start a lower dose CBD supplement every day to keep your tolerance to use CBD intact.

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